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Buying more of your Shared Ownership Home:


Staircasing is the process of buying additional shares in your Shared Ownership property.

You can staircase up any time after moving into your shared ownership home, usually by at least 25 percent at each stage although we consider lower % shares. As you staircase up, you will own more of the property, and as a result, pay less rent to Origin Housing. Staircasing is flexible and tailored you suit your needs, allowing you to buy more shares when it suits you financially. Ultimately, you can staircase up 100 percent, owning the property outright, as if you had bought it on the open market.

If you are considering staircasing, you will need to instruct a solicitor and apply for a mortgage for the additional share. Origin will appoint an independent surveyor to value the property and our sales and marketing team will be here to help you on every step of your staircasing journey.

For further information, click here to check out our staircasing calculator, or download our information booklet on staircasing here.


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