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Staircasing is the process of buying an increased share in your Shared Ownership home. This can be done at any point after you purchase your initial share, and by Staircasing you can take advantage of the following benefits:

Benefits of increasing your share include:

Owning an increased share of your home

Paying less rent on your home

Making more profit selling your home (if the value of your home has increased)

Use the Staircasing Calculator tab at the top of the page to calculate the costs of a new share, then click Apply Today and fill in your details to be contacted by a member of our sales team.

For more information download our brochure.

Staircasing Calculator


Please note: The results of this calculator are purely a guide with which to assess the initial affordability of buying a new share in your home. If you're unsure of your result, you can contact one of our approved independent financial advisors for advice.

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Having happily lived in the property for nine years, my circumstances changed and I approached Origin about the possibility of Staircasing up to 100%, because I wanted the freedom of owning the property outright.

The whole process from buying the initial 50% share, to Staircasing up to 100% was completely stress free. I found Sandrine at Origin Housing to be particularly responsive and efficient in all our correspondence, and the interaction with her throughout the purchasing process made me feel extremely reassured.

Claudine Edwards, Origin Housing Staircasing Customer


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