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What is a Homebuy Agent?

The Homebuy Agent is the government appointed agent to keep a central register of those applying for low cost home ownership schemes.  You must register with the Homebuy Agent in order to be eligible to apply for any Shared Ownership or Intermediate Rent schemes.  When you have registered, you will be given a registration number.  You will need this number to be considered for one of our part buy, part rent and Intermediate Rent schemes.

Do I have to be a key worker?

No. Key workers and local qualifying applicants have equal access to affordable housing. Key workers do not have to be resident in the borough, but must work within a reasonable travelling distance.

How do you decide who gets a property?

We work within the rules set out by the government and by the local authority. Every applicant has a financial assessment, then allocations are made in strict order of priority. There may be more than one 'round' of allocations as new applicants come forward for available properties on a development. Once you have been offered a property, the offer won't be withdrawn if someone who is higher priority comes along later unless the information you have given us about your circumstances is incorrect.

Who does the financial interviews?

All of our financial interviews are carried out by an independent, qualified financial adviser. The interview is designed to give you the information you need to know that you can afford to live in your new home, as well as ensuring that we are only selling to those who can afford the long term cost of living in one of our properties.

Can I buy more shares if I part buy, part rent?

Yes - see our Shared Ownership booklet for more information. You may buy more shares in your home until you eventually own outright.


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